• Remote Offices
    Remote Offices Provides instant and secure access to remote offices, substations and any remote location.
  • Device Access
    Device Access Easily access, view and manage your data from a variety of browser enabled devices.
  • Patrol Access
    Patrol Access Instantly capture and log evidence and associated images from a crime scene and more.

WebView General


WebView™is a convenient, browser-based option for end users. The convenient one-time installation reduces IT overhead and provides easy access for users from any computer connected to your network. WebView provides a dashboard type interface with simple, step by step icons and shortcuts. **The required desktop client is installed on administrator’s PCs.

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  • Access and Manage Everything Online
    Use the browser of your choice to access All your data online
  • Reduce IT Resources
    Saves IT departments' time and gives users the instant access they need.
  • Improved Interface
    Cleaner and faster with increased load and dropdown speeds by over 20%.
  • iPhone / Android Compatible
    iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android Support
  • Tailorable Dashboards (Video)
    Dashboard widgets display critical information instantly in the format you need. Real-time data and statistics at a glance empower users to make quick decisions and take action.
  • SAML - Single Sign-on
    Now you have access to webview using your Windows login... No additional login required!

RTL Layout feature-12


Add New Records

Enter or edit records from any computer with Intranet or Internet access using the web browser of your choice.

Attach & View Electronic Documents

Customers who have purchased the optional eDocs Module can allow remote users to not only view electronic documents, but add, upload and attach electronic documents as well. (The option to apply upload restrictions as to file type and file size can be set up.) This allows all pertinent and required documentation of a given business process to be collected, managed and shared closer to real time.  As a result, all knowledge workers have faster access to the information they need to make faster and more informed decisions.

View, Request & Transfer Records

WebView™ and Desktop users can now more easily search for records (or groups of records) and then submit requests for required files, reducing all the phone calls and wasted trips to the file room for files that may not be available. For example: Search by date, name(s), file type, location, unique ID or from any field you want to quickly and easily find what you need, when you need it.

Transfer items in WebView™ if the user belongs to a group with the transfer role. Users in remote offices can transfer files to each other without having to send the file back to the file room or having to call someone to perform the transfer on their behalf.

Report Printing

Print any of your standard or customized reports directly from within WebView. You have nearly unlimited report options at your finger tips.

Label Printing

Print customizable black-and-white barcode labels with text to any Windows-compatible printer.


Create and save a group of records that have a common task such as a drug destruction, an auction, or items for dispo review. Items can be added to the ongoing worklist as the project progresses.


Only users who have been given an account by a WebView System Administrator will have access to the data. No request will be active until the System Administrator has reviewed the request and either granted or denied access.

User Personalization

Webview users can apply the theme that best fits his or her working environment: (Auto setting automatically adjusts based on time of day.) This is often useful for patrol officers and people who may need control based on time of day.

  • Dark (Night) is designed for viewing WebView in dark environments such as vehicles at night or any dimly lit setting.
  • Bright (Day) has good contrast and eye comfort in bright and normal office environments.

Active Directory Pass-through

Access WebView without having to re-enter the user’s AD login and password (also known as single sign on).  The credentials used to sign into Windows can be automatically passed through to WebView for authentication. This allows users to have one less password to remember and administrators to have fewer password reset requests. ** Requires AD Portal Module

Dashboards Screenshots

  • Main Dashboard
  • Dashboards - Active Requests
  • Charts - Dark Mode
  • Dashboards - Timeline
  • Charts - Day Mode

Enterprise Deployment


If you are considering large-scale deployment to multiple agencies or locations, our Enterprise Platform Solution is the perfect option. 

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to deploy our FileOnQ Solutions anywhere within your organization, city, state, and beyond. Empowering organizations to efficiently manage and support their installations at a fraction of the time and money as compared to traditional enterprise and custom "solutions."

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Feature Enhancements

FileOnQ ModulesFileOnQ has many optional modules available to fit a broad spectrum of industry needs. Just like our core product, the modules provide the flexibility of customization to meet the specific and unique goals of the user.

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  • Active Directrory Portal: provides single sign on for users
  • eDocs: Attach electronic documents to a record
  • Signature Capture: Obtain electronic signatures with transactions
  • Automated Notification: Set triggers for the system to automatically perform a function
  • Dispo Notification: Bring up items for review and automatically send an email for authorization

Basic Requirements

  • Pentium 4 or higher
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • SVGA display (1024x768 or higher)
  • Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7+
  • Internet Explorer 8+ Mozilla Firefox 3+ Opera 10+ Safari 4+
  • Javascript and Ajax must not be blocked

Server Requirements

  • Server-class CPU
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB Recommended)
  • 2 GB Hard Drive space
  • SVGA display (1024x768 or higher)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 family
  • .Net Framework 4.0 - Internet Information Server 6+
  • Windows Networking using TCP/IP, UNC
  • Name Resolution (DNS)