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  • Unlimited Reports
    Unlimited Reports Create an unlimited amount of customizable reports to fit your organizations needs.
  • Powerful Admin Tools
    Powerful Admin Tools Easy to use administrative tools to securely manage users, privileges and more.
  • Control Customize
    Control Customize Provides organization the ability to easily customize at anytime to fit required needs.


Desktop-7.1 -- A FULL FEATURED, 100% Customizable SOLUTION to TRACK and Manage just about anything.

FileOnQ Desktop is our full featured software solution for managing all your items, records and documents from your PC. It provides approved users the ability to customize screens, create custom reports and barcodes, administer users and much more. This is our most advanced and feature rich solution yet. With new features like Notification, Document Status & Tracking, Document Security and more.

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  • Easily Customize Everything
    Manage interface, reports, users and more.
  • Powerful Admin/Security tools
    Easily manage and track users, mobile devices, transactions and much more.
  • Windows 8 & 10 Compatible
    Supports the latest version of Windows.
  • Global Changes 
    Changes made to interface, design and reports are applied to all desktop and webview users.

windows8en10 compatable

100% Customizable

As an OnQ user you have complete control of what is on your Profile (home) screen, reports, barcode labels and more. We give you complete control to update and make changes at anytime.

Drag and Drop Features

Now users can instantly add one and/or many photos and electronic documents with simple drag and drop functionality directly from their PC. This allows users to more easily add and link images, electronic documents, or any group of electronic documents, from any PC or electronic storage repository (camera flash cards, database, hard drives, etc.), to a piece of evidence or record with one drag and drop action. No longer is there a need to add images or electronic documents one at a time through time consuming linking, uploading and naming procedures.

Unlimited Search Options

Provides end-users with multi-field ad-hoc search capability using complete text or partial values. This feature supports such queries as: Starts With, Ends With, and Contains using wildcards. Every Field within fileOnQ solutions are searchable. Therefore making your searching options nearly limitless.

Real-time Request Monitor

When users make requests for records to be transferred or imaged, the Request Monitor automatically displays them on the Records Clerk's monitor. Request Tickets may also be automatically printed on a designated printer as the requests are made. This allows the Records/Information clerks and managers to quickly fulfill incoming requests and improve productivity and customer service.

Inventory/Audit Compliance

With our easy-to-use inventory and reporting tools, the tedious task in time and cost to inventory records, files and more is now a thing of the past.

Notes W/security

Control access to sensitive notes/comments and NotesLog within a record by defining who can view the comments section and the NotesLog section (and further by NotesLog subject) without restricting those people from the record itself.

Batch Update

Accurate and up-to-date change can be applied to a selected set of record information such a case number dates, assigned too and more. Updates can also be applied retention information that helps with automation of compliance requirements, reduced exposure, space saving and decreased misfiles due unnecessary physical records clogging-up company file rooms.

Edit by Scan

Allows users to edit a field for one or more items using a barcode scanner.

Powerful Admin Tools

Easily manage and track users and all mobile devices. View all transactions, when they were made, who performed them, and much more.


Maintain and save a record of all records that you are currently working on. You can easily log out and pick up where you left off at any time. This is a very useful feature for inventory, managing a case you are working on, and more.

Unlimited Report Options

The Desktop client provides nine configurable standard reports. The standard reports are, Inventory, Query, Audit, Files-Out, Wait-List, User List, Documents, Retention Code, and Retention Review. In addition, custom reports may be built using the industry de-facto standard - Crystal Reports - and integrated into the application for general consumption. Crystal-based reports are easily added to the product and made available via our central Report Repository, allowing end-users instant access to newly created reports while eliminating report distribution effort.

Barcode Solutions

FileOnQ manages records, boxes, documents and locations using barcodes. Barcodes provide quick, key-less, and error-free retrieval and transfer capability to the user. All barcode labels are 100% customizable.

Active Directory Integration

For documents that are processed in multiple steps, you can track their location, set statuses (reviewed, signed, etc.), set a next action (needs review, waiting for signature, etc.) and track audit information such as dates and times of actions, transfers and more.

Import Existing Data

Our Import designer is very user friendly, using a drag-and-drop interface to link data fields from the import record set to the application data fields. Import designs can then be saved to use over and over again. All business rules and data validation rules that are available during screen data entry are applied to imported data, helping to ensure the integrity of your imported data.

Export to Excel

Create true Excel files which allow for more flexibility in designing useful Excel reports and prevent the accidental loss of leading zeroes in fields like case numbers and lab numbers.

Auto-Tracking of Records

Automatically assigns and preserves a unique and consecutive item number.

Feature Enhancements

ModulesAdditional modules are available as needed to add increased functionality to fit your organizations needs and requirements. Alowing our system to grow as your needs do.

Learn More : Modules

  • Active Directrory Portal: Single Sign-On Access for FileOnQ Users.
  • eDocs: Attach electronic documents of any type via Drag-n-drop or import.
  • Notification: Email notifications and associated attachments sent based on set rules or criteria you require.
  • Retention: Establish, assign and calculate proper retention procedures based on organizational requirements.
  • Container/Box Tracking: Allows creating, indexing and barcode tracking of archive boxes.
  • Image Batch Scan: For clients who are imaging in batches and have a production-imaging requirement.
  • Signature Capture: Allows capturing of a digital signature involved in the authorization and transfer of records.

System Server Requirements

  • Server-class CPU
  • 2 GB RAM  or more
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 family - Windows 2000 Server
  • SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 & R2
  • TCP/IP, UNC, & Name Resolution
  • 2 GB or more
  • WebVIew ONLY: .Net Framework 4.0 Internet Information Server 6+