Asset & Quartermaster Manager

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ASSET/quartermaster MANAGER - MANAGE critical items with peace of mind.

Track anything from assets, documents, records, body-worn cameras, uniforms, vests, leather gear, weapons, radios, fleet vehicles and more!

See if an item is in stock or assigned to a specific officer, when a vehicle was put into service, who it is assigned to, when it is due for service, and any major repairs that have been performed and more. The ability to easily perform inventories and run unlimited reports with simple click of a mouse have never been easier, all while providing an unalterable history of everything.

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  • Instantly Know What, When, and Where
    Answer the questions of, what do I have? Where is it? How many are in stock? When do I need to buy more.
  • UPC Code Tracking
    Track all like items with one UPC code, and keep track of the quantity on hand.
  • Inventories and Audits
    Built in customizable reporting tools and dedicated inventory features will allow you to take account of what you have quickly and easily.
  • Track and Manage Body-worn Cameras
    Beyond our ability to manage your digital evidence we can give you the control over the hardware that you use to capture it. Fully tailored to each individual agency need with NO special programming ever!
  • Process Automation 
    Automate every aspect of managing assets and officer-issued equipment such as Check in/out, data entry, searches, inventory, status notifications and more.
  • Signature Capture 
    Officers can electronically sign for their equipment, and the system can print out a list of what is assigned to that officer including his or her signature.
  • **Discounts Available!
    If your agency or organization is looking to purchase and/or is already using EvidenceOnQ™ or other solutions, you may qualify to purchase the database for half price — a win-win solution OnQ.


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Feature Enhancements

ModulesAdditional modules are available to add increased functionality to meet your agency’s needs and growth.

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  • Active Directrory Portal: Single sign-on access for FileOnQ users.
    • eDocs: Attach electronic documents of any type via drag-n-drop or import.
  • Notification: Email notifications and associated attachments sent based on set rules or criteria you require.
  • Retention: Establish, assign and calculate proper retention procedures based on organizational requirements.
  • Container/Box Tracking: Allows creating, indexing and barcode tracking of archive boxes.
    • Image Batch Scan: For agencies that are imaging in batches and have a production-imaging requirement.
  • Signature Capture: Enables digital signatures to be captured for the authorization and transfer of records.

System Requirements

  • Server-class CPU - Pentium 4 or higher (Xeon [Core i3/i5/i7] recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM  or more
  • SQL Server: 2005-2017, Express Standard (or higher)
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2003, 2008 & R2, 2012 & R2, 2016
  • Network: TCP/IP, UNC, & Name Resolution, Shared UNC path for shared settings
  • WebVIew & MobilOnQ: .Net Framework 4.0, Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 or higher
  • DigitalOnQ: 8 GB RAM (12 GB recommended), SQL 2008R2 or above Required
  • PC SOFTWARE: Windows 7 Windows 8.0 Windows 8.1 Windows 10
     .NET Framework 4.0
     Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
     PDF viewer software (such as Adobe Reader)