Powerful solutions for government agencies to manage records, assets and much more.
Manage the complete life-cycle of loan records and documentation in all forms.
Track and manage property and evidence from the crime scene to the court room.

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As it is with most things in life, seeing is believing. You can read about how our system works, but in order to really understand how user-friendly and flexible the FileOnQ™ system is, you need to see it for yourself. 


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mobileonq_iconMobileOnQ™ - PDA Wireless Mobility

Asset or Evidence Management in the Palm of Your Hand... FileOnQ users can now use a FileOnQ certified Motorola PDA to transfer and check out documents, evidence or assets from any location. OnQ user now have the freedom to manage their items without having to be dependent on the availability of a computer.

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AllLogosWho We Serve?

Hundreds of the agencies who needed a way to improve their collection, processing and storage of information. Homeland security, law enforcement,  financial institutions, medical groups and insurance agencies have come to us with one common need:  a way to improve AND streamline their ability to manage electronic records, documentation, assets, invoice and billing, property and evidence, and much more with our powerful and easy to use platform solutions.

Bridging the Gap

FileOnQ™ bridges the gap between paper, physical and electronic information, reducing risk, improving compliance, and saving time and money in one easy-to-use, barcode-based platform.

FileOnQ™ brings together and simplifies the processing, tracking and managing of physical, electronic information and documentation in one easy to use system. Giving you instant access to find, manage and track what you need when you need it.